5 Keys On Hosting Your Website
Posted by admin on October 12 2007 23:32:16

Anybody who wants to put a website on the internet must decide where and how the site will be hosted.The key to deciding what you need in a hosting provider is to understand the nature of the website you are planning to put on the internet.

For instance, if you are posting just a few personal web pages that hardly anybody will access, a very basic, perhaps even free hosting service may be just the thing for you.

When looking to host your website, there are several key issues you must take into consideration.

1.Uptime In simplest terms, uptime is time that internet users can access your website, browse through its pages, and place orders.For you, uptime means time that you can receive orders and make money. Uptime is generally measured as a percentage-the percentage of time a website is up and available to internet visitors. In industry terms, the more '9s' a hosting provider can achieves in uptime performance, the better.

2.Security For a website that collects credit card payments and personally identifiable, security is of utmost importance. In fact, your customers must feel confident that your site is secure, or you will not receive their business. Security is also linked directly to uptime.