How do they read the consumers of the network
Posted by admin on June 08 2007 01:37:54
They do not read.

The humans rarely read the webs-web pages of word by word ; They preview the web page alternatively, It empanels separate words and sentences. Of one recent exploration, John Моркс and i saw that 79 percent of the consumers, With which They tested, always previewed each new page on which they fell ; 16 percent read word by a word only.

We saw that for the webs-users the authenticity is important, for she is obviously who backs the information of the net and one page can be had The confidence. The certainty in the authenticity in the information can be raised by choice graphicses, qualitative writing and use of connections to international resources. They to other sites show that the writers have done their homes works and do not fear that readers to visit as well other sites for them.

The users have antipathy for the┬ámarketing epistles ; The promotional dash of the writing large states ("the greatest for all time") , At the point be most широкоразпространен in the network . The users are busy: they want to receive the evidences. Except this, the certainty in the authenticity in the information is de - emphasize, when the users obviously see that the site overdraws.

Reading from a computer screen is boring for the eyes with nearly 25 percent as well more slowly in comparison with чететнето by paper. It is not surprisingly that the people try to reduce to a minimum the number of the words that read. It in the degree in which that reason accounts for the operation of the consumer would have followed that it is expected that we will read more to proctors with higher resolution and frequency of refreshment that approach at quality of a picture with the paper.

The network is led from the consumer-a medium in which the consumers have finding that they must go ahead and yes clicking on thing. One of our consumers told:"if I must sit up here and read the all article, it will not be productive. "the humans want to find that they are active, when being in the net.