Spacial Ascii codes HTML formated symbols list
Posted by admin on May 16 2007 19:04:21

Spacial Ascii codes HTML formated symbols list

In order to display some special characters and symbols in your HTML pages, you must use a special ASCII code.
The codes below display the HTML code and the character in your page when it is displayed.

Description of Character CharacterHTML
Description of Character
   horizontal tab  left curly quote mark
   line feed  right curly quote mark/apostrophe
   carriage return  left curly quote marks
 space  right curly quote marks
!! exclamation point  bullet
"""straight quote marks  “en” (short) dash
## hash mark/number sign  “em” (long) dash
$$ dollar sign ˜˜ tilde
%% percent sign  trademark
&&&ampersand šš  
'' straight quote mark/apostrophe   
(( left parenthesis œœ small oe ligature
)) right parenthesis ŸŸ capital Y, umlaut
** asterisk    non-breaking space
++ plus sign ¡¡¡inverted exclamation point
,, comma ¢¢¢cent sign
-- hyphen £££pound sterling sign
.. period/dot ¤¤¤general currency sign
// slash ¥¥¥yen sign
00 zero ¦¦¦broken vertical bar
11 one §§§section sign
22 two ¨¨¨umlaut/dieresis
33 three ©©©copyright symbol
44 four ªªªfeminine ordinal
55 five «««left angle quote marks
66 six ¬¬¬not sign
77 seven ­­­soft hyphen
88 eight ®®®registered symbol
99 nine ¯¯¯macron accent
:: colon °°°degree sign
;; semi-colon ±±±plus or minus
<<<less than sign ²²²superscript 2
== equals sign ³³³superscript 3
>>>greater than sign ´´´acute accent
?? question mark µµµmicro sign (Greek mu)
@@ commercial “at” sign paragraph sign
AA capital A ···middle dot
BB capital B ¸¸¸cedilla
CC capital C ¹¹¹superscript 1
DD capital D ºººmasculine ordinal
EE capital E »»»right angle quote marks
FF capital F ¼¼¼fraction one-fourth
GG capital G ½½½fraction one-half
HH capital H ¾¾¾fraction three-fourths
II capital I ¿¿¿inverted question mark
JJ capital J ÀÀÀcapital A, grave accent
KK capital K ÁÁÁcapital A, acute accent
LL capital L ÂÂÂcapital A, circumflex accent
MM capital M ÃÃÃcapital A, tilde
NN capital N ÄÄÄcapital A, umlaut/dieresis
OO capital O ÅÅÅcapital A, ring
PP capital P ÆÆ&Aelig;capital AE ligature, dipthong
QQ capital Q ÇÇÇcapital C, cedilla
RR capital R ÈÈÈcapital E, grave accent
SS capital S ÉÉÉcapital E, acute accent
TT capital T ÊÊ&Ecicr;capital E, circumflex accent
UU capital U ËËËcapital E, umlaut/dieresis
VV capital V ÌÌÌcapital I, grave accent
WW capital W ÍÍÍcapital I, acute accent
XX capital X ÎÎÎcapital I, circumflex accent
YY capital Y ÏÏÏcapital I, umlaut/dieresis mark
ZZ capital Z ÐÐÐcapital Eth, Icelandic
[[ left square bracket ÑÑÑcapital N, tilde
\\ backslash ÒÒÒcapital O, grave accent/null set
]] right square bracket ÓÓÓcapital O, acute accent
^^ caret ÔÔÔcapital O, circumflex accent
__ underscore bar ÕÕÕcapital O, tilde
`` grave accent ÖÖÖcapital O, umlaut/dieresis mark
aa small a ×××multiplication sign
bb small b ØØØcapital O, slash
cc small c ÙÙÙcapital U, grave accent
dd small d ÚÚÚcapital U, acute accent
ee small e ÛÛÛcapital U, circumflex accent
ff small f ÜÜÜcapital U, umlaut/dieresis mark
gg small g ÝÝÝcapital Y, acute accent
hh small h ÞÞÞcapital Thorn, Icelandic
ii small i ßßßsmall sz ligature, German
jj small j àààsmall a, grave accent
kk small k ááásmall a, acute accent
ll small l âââsmall a, circumflex accent
mm small m ãããsmall a, tilde
nn small n äääsmall a, umlaut/dieresis mark
oo small o åååsmall a, ring
pp small p æææsmall ae ligature, dipthong
qq small q çççsmall c, cedilla
rr small r èèèsmall e, grave accent
ss small s ééésmall e, acute accent
tt small t êêêsmall e, circumflex accent
uu small u ëëësmall e, umlaut/dieresis mark
vv small v ìììsmall i, grave accent
ww small w ííísmall i, acute accent
xx small x îîîsmall i, circumflex accent
yy small y ïïïsmall i, umlaut/dieresis mark
zz small z ðððsmall eth, Icelandic
{{ left curly brace ñññsmall n, tilde
|| solid vertical bar òòòsmall o, grave accent
}} right curly brace óóósmall o, acute accent
~~ tilde ôôôsmall o, circumflex accent
 box õõõsmall o, tilde
 comma ööösmall o, umlaut/dieresis mark
ƒƒ florin ÷÷÷division sign
   øøøsmall o, slash/null set
 ellipsis ùùùsmall u, grave accent
 dagger úúúsmall u, acute accent
 double dagger ûûûsmall u, circumflex accent
ˆˆ circumflex accent üüüsmall u, umlaut,dieresis mark
 permil ýýýsmall y, acute accent
ŠŠ   þþþsmall thorn, Icelandic
   ÿÿÿsmall y, umlaut/dieresis mark
ŒŒ capital OE ligature