Performance issues and suggestions for PHP on IIS
Posted by admin on August 28 2013 08:14:27
The performance of executing PHP scripts on Windows IIS is too slow comparing to the performance of PHP on Linux and apache web server.
Here are some suggestions for improvement of the performance of PHP and IIS.

1. Disallow scan of IIS and PHP by the antivirus program installed on the windows machine.

2. Use FastCGI, using of PHP on IIS as FastCGI will improve extremly the performance on the execution of the scripts.

3. Use Wincache - Windows Cache Extension for PHP, this extension is accelerator that is used to increase the speed and performance of PHP applications running on Windows Server and regular Windows.

4. Disable IIS logging - IIS logging should be minimized or even disabled in a production environment.

5. Imrpove the hardware - using of hardware machine with at least 4 GB of RAM and powerfull processor will imrove the overal performance of the system.