Outlook Calendar to Export Notes Possible with External Solution
Posted by on December 19 2012 23:02:03
Although, Outlook is an email application that offers users an opportunity to communicate in a developed manner along with many advanced features but there is no doubt that Lotus Notes has become a choice of various business organization to due to highly advanced features that Outlook lacks. Therefore, enterprises opt for switchover from Outlook to Notes so that they can have an access over a secure and highly professional email client. Thus with the decision to change email application, the need to convert their database in respective formats also arises as database of Outlook PST cannot be read in Lotus Notes NSF format. To execute PST to NSF conversion, there is need of an external tool that can assist in proper and perfect conversion.
Consider a Scenario: Suppose you are an administrator of an organization and decided to have a change in the form of Outlook to Lotus Notes switchover. But being a high authority of the organization, you have marked many important dates and activities to happen in time to come in the calendar of Outlook. Now the fact that must be frightening you is how you will access calendars in Notes that are saved in Outlook. Hence Outlook calendar to export Notes is required with a third party tool that will provide you assurance to convert every info marked in calendar from PST to NSF.
Why Commercial Solutions are recommended for Conversion?
For perfect conversion execution, it is suggested to take help of external solution as it converts entire database from PST to NSF including calendars, emails, journals, contacts, notes etc. Moreover, these tools are easy to use and aids users in flawless and simple conversion process. The best advantage that the users get with third party utilities are their support to almost all editions of Outlook , Lotus Notes and Windows so that users do not face annoying problem of software being version specific and their precious time gets saved. Also, these tools come packed with free trial editions that give users prior satisfaction that the tool is worth their needs and also help them to get familiar with the usability of the software.

Tool for Outlook Calendar to Export Notes: You can choose Outlook to Notes software that is not only known for best PST to NSF conversion calendars but also other email items get converted with this tool successfully without any changes in the originality of data.

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