Why Pay for Directory Links?
Posted by admin on November 27 2006 18:26:19
One of the methods used in Search Engine Marketing is the technique of buying links.

While some frown on this method entirely, or may not need to partake in this action, there are those of us who do and reap the benefits.

Paid directory links are better for sem purposes (as opposed to text link advertising) - because good fee-based directories place your link in the appropriate category of which the site's main topic is about.

Why does this matter?

For one moment, let's take a look at how a search engine spider spends its life. It endlessly crawls the Internet, looking to not only discover new content, but to also find related topics, fresh information and to also somehow apply all of that knowledge together in order to algorithimically produce the most relevent result.

So, as the search spider continues to find your site listed in the same category through-out the web, (for this example we'll use "Software") it makes it easier for the spider to categorize your site. This partially explains why you may see some sites that appear in listings that are not 100% on target.

When the search spider repeatedly finds a website within the "Software" category on many directories, and the site in question is about software, it makes the ranking easier to compute for the search engine when delivering results from a user query.

Another factor that is added to the computation is the link weight - basically, of all the links that the search spider found linking to your site, how many of them were any or all of the following: All of these are great reasons to pay for fee-based directories that take the time to carefully review sites that are listed - take advantage of this great opportunity!

-To your online success!

Paul Bliss