Convert Outlook to Lotus Notes with Software to Recoup Different
Posted by on December 19 2012 23:00:34
With the rise of different email platforms it is seen that users are in confused state of mind, as to use which email client. It can be a matter for single user or also in large organization like if you are using Outlook and because of advanced features in Lotus Notes, you have decided for Lotus Notes, you want some software solution to convert Outlook to Lotus Notes.
Data Conversion process can be painful unless and until you are deprived of functional tool thus careful selection of outside tool is essentiality before going for converting PST files in NSF files.
The Leading Examples Showing the Use of Lotus Notes Instead of Outlook are given down:
 Email Application Changed: In your enterprise, entrepreneur allowed fulfilling emailing needs via Outlook, but seeing advanced features in Lotus Notes, entrepreneur permitted to install Lotus Notes. In email conversion process, entrepreneur is worried for data stored in PST files, which previously using for log years.
 Different Email Platforms: Suppose you have met with an accident and need to work on upcoming internal event in your organization. To meet the deadline you have brought data at home and started working on it, but the problem arise when you need to take that data in office with Lotus Notes email platform.
 Lotus Notes Features Highly Advanced: As you are running a very large organization and you find that to work with Lotus Notes is better than to work with Outlook. Features in Lotus Notes are highly advanced and well suited for very large organizations.
 Lotus Notes Standalone Email Client: Lotus Notes is not system specific and can be used with any including Windows, Linux, and Mac Operating System. Suppose you are running very large enterprise extended in different parts of the world. In this case, data sharing will not be a problem for you, no matter which Operating System you are using, you can send and receive your data with different Operating System.
Convert Outlook to Lotus Notes: For conversion of data from PST to NSF, external application mentioned above is a beneficial need. Before you use this application, you need to take of any charge demonstration of this software, which will aware you features, process of the software to transfer PST data in NSF file format of Lotus Notes. Some of the advanced techniques like FHCR, QDRT, and IHCR help in ultimate data conversion.