Avail Profit from Workflow Application with Outlook 2007 to Lotu
Posted by on December 19 2012 22:59:49
Comparing IBM Lotus Notes and Outlook is like comparing two favorite applications and stuck in a confusing situation as what to choose. Agree? Both these email clients have their cons and pros and there could be any reason associated with the need for Outlook 2007 to Lotus Notes convert process. But the most fetching reason that might be a strong reason behind this change is workflow application in Lotus Notes which is absent in Outlook. Let us now know what the benefits of this application and understand it well via an example to get a clear idea about its functioning.
Advantages of Workflow Application
a. Less Manual Effort: This advanced feature of IBM Lotus Notes reduces the manual effort from the your side, eliminates chances of double entry and saves much time by automated system to system talk. With this application, the communication channel becomes perennial and sheer.
b. Persistence: If you are working within a workflow application, you can send notifications to one or many users, simply informing them that that the event has been occurred or is about to happen. In such manner, you can trigger the efficiency of a task. Moreover, you can get faster feedback from the staff, partners, and users as you can easily know via this application that what is the work or role assigned to different members of the company.
c. Affectivity: Searching functionality of this application can save crucial time of yours. If the same info is shared at a particular interval of time, this application blocks that information so that no one can access it. In this way, you can ensure that the information saved in the system is meaningful and secured.
Consider an Example: When you decide to purchase something from online market, you are required to fill up form to provide required information to the suppliers. When you submit your form, after checking your details it will be passed to the manager who signs it and pass it to the tem responsible for purchasing process. In such a way, the workflow application triggers the process of buying, saving the time of both the customer and provider.
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