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Posted by on May 03 2012 10:52:37
When conditions does not change according to you then change yourself, correlating this proverb to present scenario, we have to change conditions sometimes instead of changing ourselves.

Security Reasons are Stronger with Lotus Notes: Organizations are changing their email application from Microsoft® Outlook to IBM® Lotus Notes because Lotus Notes has so much in its wardrobe, which Outlook completely lacks in like security and digital signatures. Suppose Lotus Notes is using in organizations dealing with investigation department, then you can well understand that document created there require high-leveled security, which is provided with the help of password. This is one the major cause for leaving Outlook and adopting Lotus Notes

Digital Signature Feature is Rare: As far as digital signature is concerned, it is equally crucial in organizations dealing with sensitive issues like investigation department, digital signature assure emails receiver that e-mail is sent by you and by nobody else and it is you who know the password. This gives 100% guarantee to receiver and recipient that info received and sent is confidential. (

Benefits from Replica in Lotus Notes: Besides number of benefits, Lotus Notes creates replicas, which is ‘Local Replica’ and ‘Server Replica’. Automatically, complete NSF data’s replica is created on Server and by clicking on Local replica option; data also get created there also, which has its own advantages, like this replica data can be used in case of emergency. One more thing to be added here is that a single modification in data is replicated here.

Lotus Notes Popular in Enterprise: The wide popularity of Lotus Notes is one of the major reasons for turning onto Lotus Notes from already using Outlook email app.

Different Email Applications:

1. If you have Outlook installed on your personal laptop and your computer machine in organization you work has Lotus Notes, to access emails, calendars, or say whole data from laptop to computer machine, you need to convert PST files into NSF files.

2. Your changing environment also sometimes take you towards using most popular Lotus Notes, like the previous company had Outlook and in new workplace Lotus Notes email environment is prevailed. In the changed environment, you are worried about your Outlook emails and contacts and might be some other data. Now, to access them again, you can convert PST files into .nsf format.

Convert PST Files to NSF: Because of various reasons, if you want to use Lotus Notes in place of Outlook, then Outlook to Notes software is purposeful tool for such identified conversion reasons. It supports conversion of multitude PST data stored in contacts, calendars, journals, and appointments etc to NSF file format of Lotus Notes. This application is available in bundle offer along with Export Notes software in both Personal License and Business License.

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