Few Guidelines for Website Design
Posted by invorticles on August 16 2011 01:47:35
The target of most website designers is to create an eye-catching, simple to hands and functional website that will convince the visitor to take some action. Creating such a website requires excellent graphic design, easy and intuitive site navigation, logical site layout and good web content. The following suggestions are common web design guidelines.

The look and feel of your website is important, and there is a big difference between websites that have been created by a professional website design company, websites that have been created by non-professionals who do the best they can to create an online presence.
Internet users can tell the difference. Without a doubt, they prefer sites that have been designed by a specialized website designer, because those sites are inevitable visually more attractive, easier to use and more intuitive, which streamlines the user relations with the website.
Additionally, a website designer understands how design can be used to evoke an affecting response from the user. Creating the right affective response from the user helps to emphasize company and to create a trust between the user and company. That trust and confidence results in greater conversion rates form users to customers, which results in increased sales for organization.
Make sure that the layout of the page is common in all pages. Other features like position of menu, logo, location, placement of links are an important feature of the page. It reduces browsing time of visitors. When designing each page, it is essential that you test how it appear and function in all browsers. Unfortunately, this is a step that many people skip, with the result that their site appears messy when visited. If you have tested the pages in Internet Explorer, also do so in Mozilla Firefox, Chrome, Opera, and Safari, you may be surprised at how each browser will display the pages slightly in a different way.
There are small things that make a big difference when it comes down to website design; one such thing is the Favicon or the “favorite icon”. A favicon instantly gives your website a more professional look. You’ll be able to have your personal logo appear in the URL area. The favicon will also be attached to any bookmarks of your pages that visitor save, which will help to brand your site in visitor minds.
Make sure that the background of the website is clean color wise. Always select bright fonts and light background as it would be very easy for consumer to read the content. Avoid image as background as it takes lot of time to load.
If you feel the challenge of building a website is a big deal, there is always the alternative of hiring a professional company to do the work. Today, you can hire a web design firm without too much expense, and have a great looking website online in a matter of days.
Good Website design is a mixture of common sense and good planning. Your site should be eye-catching and simple to use and most important is to give the user with the information or services they want.
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