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Posted by admin on November 05 2006 01:49:38

Before you start to submit your web pages to the search engines you need to insure that it is ready.  As you probably know keywords are how visitors find your website on the search engines.  Before you write your page determine what keywords visitors would use to find the information you are writhing about.  Use these keywords in your page and try to include them in text links, your image alt tags, headlines, and meta tags.  For example before writing this article I decided that the keywords (search engine optimization, search engine submission, how to, and help) were the most useful keywords.  I have incorporated them in the article in several places and used them in my headlines.

Keywords and key phrases are possibly the most important element of any internet marketing project. They are the terms that you use to match to your web presence to your target customers. Most internet users find sites by using search engines rather than by going direct to a known web address. Search engines use the keyword entered by the user to try and match with the relevant information on the web.
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