Keys for Making Cost Effective Web Design
Posted by invorticles on August 16 2011 04:28:32
This article is about how can you save your cost on website designing. In this article we will give some tips and points to save your money while designing a website.
You should consider a good web designing company to make your work in professional way and save your investment from mishaps. Try to use Built-in CMS (Content management system) to make little changes by yourself, built-in CMS are very easy to use and easy to install by a professional designer.
You can use tools and plug-ins for your website for emails list and if you are not working on a large scale you can afford cost efficient tools and save you money by not using highly cost tools.
You can search a good and affordable web designer through internet and also hire a designer and developer from the company you hosted your website, they can make some discounts offers or make you happy by as making relationship with you, so choose a web designing company which offer you’re a web hosting too.
You should make a backup of your website on your server or drive so you can fix up any problem or damage, if it was good while testing your website, and can save your money in repairing the bugs and other technical issues.
Try to purchase images from internet or use your product picture instead of paying a photographer for taking new photos or paying a web designer making images, it can cost you more than direct purchase and will also be a copyright, it means your competitor cannot use that image on his/her website.
Although you can save your cost by taking your own products and company photo and making it as image for your website.
Animation and flash work on your website makes your site heavy and your site will take time to load, which is not consider good for search engines as well as for users, Animation makes your website slow and you may lose your search engine reputation, it is also cost more to design, use third party server videos for demonstration on your product or company overview, it will embed on your website easily.
Make sure that your website is user friendly, easy navigation is used, all your options are on homepage, it help user to find his or her needs within your website and it may be convert visitor into consumer.
Ensure that your website is visible perfectly on all browsers and operation system like Windows, Linux, Apple Mac, and on smart phones. And consider the browser visibility as well like safari, Mozilla, chrome, IE. You have invested on your website and this is the only way of getting return.
If you are using multi-plug-ins, try to avoid it because many users do not update their browsers and that plug-in may not work on their particular browser, this may harm your website reputation.
Make sure that your website has http secure server, https server are unsecured and can be hacked easily, the websites which are unsure can be designed and developed cheaper which can save your money but unsafe from hackers attack and may harm you in future.
If you own a e-commerce website, use secure payments verification systems, do not go for making your own system for saving some money, user may not trust on your payment verification method and you will lose your customer, consumer really care about the security, and will not buy from your website.
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