SEO and SMO choose and use wisely
Posted by cnetinfosystem on June 30 2010 00:09:01
SEO may be a familiar, although that probably is not the case with SMO or social media optimization. But you should know that both SEO and SMO are essential in ensuring a high ranking for your website on the major search engines. Let's take a look at how you can put both to work for you in as effective a manner as possible.
Its not hard to choose if you know your objectives. As there are many type of website and so SEO needs, are different. A website which actually for education and information may need more and more people and visitor to website where as a website which sell heavy equipments may not need just traffic to website as this may not be converted into sale which is the ultimate aim of any manufacturer or service provider.
SEO services help websites to get ranked on specific keyword so that people can search you can inquire about your product or services which may be converted in to sale. SEO takes time and also require lot of efforts to get any website ranked in search engines. Choice of keywords are also important in this case bcoz sometime we choose wrong keyword and a visit is wasted coz visitor profile may not be fit for the services or product you sell. Like India Travel and Tours to India may invite two different type of visitors. First type of visitor may be looking for information about travel to India. In second case a visitor is actually intend to search for tours to India. So Visitor and keyword profiling is important in this case.
SMO on other hand is basically create awareness and traffic to website. More you do more you get. SMO indirectly also help in SEO bcoz it creates back links and that helps in SEO and ranking of your website. A regular SMO with better content on website create great impact on brand and rankings.
While SEO has been around for quite some time now, it is only fairly recently that SMO has come into widespread attention, as social networking sites have virtually conquered the online world. That being said, traffic generated by SMO tends to be less consistent than that which results from a properly implemented SEO campaign, although it may still be used to generate loads of traffic in a consistent manner.