Bitwise Javascript Operators
Posted by admin on December 28 2009 16:12:15

There are 7 bitwise operators, &, |, ^, ~, >>, <<, and >>>.

These operators convert their operands to integers (truncating any floating point towards 0), and perform the specified bitwise operation on them. The logical bitwise operators, &, |, and ^, perform the and, or, and xor on each individual bit and provides the return value. The ~ inverts all bits within an integer, and usually appears in combination with the logical bitwise operators.

Two bit shift operators, >>, <<, move the bits in one direction which has a similar effect to multiplying or dividing by a power of two. The final bit-shift operator, >>>, operates the same way, but does not preserve the sign bit when shifting.

These operators are kept for parity with the related programming languages but are unlikely to be used in most JavaScript programs.