Pipeline GIS – what is it?
Posted by saitech on August 24 2008 23:45:04
Our needs as consumers are satisfied with products from abroad. In the US, every year we import millions of tons of oil, natural gas and other products that we need on a daily basis. This is mainly due to the fact that the production of these needed fuels is not enough to cover the needs of the consumers.

But how are these things transported? The imported products comes via ships, oil tankers that carry them over the sea, but on land we need pipelines to move them from the starting point, which is the production area, to their final destination, the consumers. People who are working in the industry need to know a lot of information regarding pipelines so they can maintain the high quality of their services.

A pipeline map is the first thing any company needs, because it supplies information regarding the route each pipeline follows. It is not very easy to keep tack of a tube that covers an area that sometimes exceeds a few hundred miles.

Oil pipelines are manufactured from plastic or steel tubes, with various diameters. Most of them are buried from to two meters underneath the ground, so an accurate pipeline map is necessary if you want to keep track of where your pipeline is.

Finding such an accurate pipeline map is not the easiest thing to do. The best choice you can make is with a specialized company that has dedicated most of its activity to creating highly accurate maps of all the major pipelines in the US.

Once you have found the desired pipeline map, the route of the pipelines are not enough. Sure you know where they are, but there are a lot more things you need to know regarding them. Pressurization, temperature variations and flow control are just a few of a large number of factors that influence the correct proceedings of daily activities when it comes to pipelines.

In order to have control over these factors, you need to have access to relevant data. A pipeline GIS – geographic information system – can help you do just that. To many this is a new term, so I’ll try to explain what it consists of and how it can help you.

The pipeline GIS is a system that is capable of storing, integrating, analyzing, editing, sharing and displaying the much needed information regarding any pipeline. The whole idea behind this concept is based on user interactive queries.

A pipeline GIS is very easy to use and it provides the needed information in no time as opposed to the research you would have to do to gain it. You establish your point of interest, select what you want and the results are displayed in an instant. This will save you precious time and you can go on with your activities a lot faster than the traditional way.

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Do not rely on second rate companies to provide vital information on pipelines. Choose the website mentioned afore as the source and you will receive the best data in the industry with a pipeline map and pipeline GIS from them.