The importance of an accurate pipeline map.
Posted by saitech on August 24 2008 23:42:43
With the energy industry sustaining national economies, the pipeline systems are more important than ever. The United States currently possess one of the most complex pipeline networks in the entire world, providing one fifth of the global oil and gas consumption. Transportation pipelines for liquid and gas represent the safest and most efficient alternative for distributing the much needed goods. Rextag Strategies, a leading mapping service provider in the US, offers any interstate pipeline map. The Rextag pipeline GIS datasets represent the most affordable alternative on the market.

The United States currently possess over 180,000 miles of interstate pipelines. This vast pipeline network is considered to be the most efficient and well-developed transportation system in the world. The American Petroleum Institute and the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission have developed regulations to ensure that the American pipeline system meets even the highest standards. All interstate pipelines have been carefully designed to avoid any potential hazards and to function at maximum capacity. Any company involved in the energy industry should be aware that a good pipeline system isn’t much without professional mapping products. Rextag Strategies offers the most complex pipeline GIS datasets at very convenient prices.

Both small and large companies in involved in the oil or gas industries know they shouldn’t underestimate the value and importance of a good pipeline map. As oil and gas businesses revolve around the pipeline networks, companies are completely dependent on professional mapping services. A high quality pipeline map will provide a great deal of invaluable information, such as the details on compressor stations, storage facilities, processing plants, oil and gas fields and so on. Without having access to complete and especially accurate information oil and gas businesses would be completely lost. Rextag Strategies offers affordable mapping services, including professional pipeline GIS datasets.

With so many emerging companies in the gas and oil industries, everyone is looking for an edge over the competition. Having access to professional and highly accurate pipeline maps will make the difference between failure and success. A complete pipeline map will provide all of the information your company needs to rise above the competition. Furthermore, the Rextag Strategies pipeline GIS energy datasets have been specially developed to be completely dependable. Rextag Strategies is always concerned with making sure every bit of information is completely reliable and the graphical representation is 100% accurate.

In the oil and gas industry, nothing is more important than owning a reliable pipeline map. Hundreds of companies depend on Rextag Strategies for professional mapping services. Rextag is currently a well-established name in the pipeline mapping business, providing only the best services for its clients. The Rextag Strategies pipeline GIS energy datasets are invaluable additions to any company. And the good news is that Rextag offers the most affordable licensing plan on the market today.

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