OsCommerce Contributions for automatic Import/Export products
Posted by admin on May 16 2008 19:28:13

Import/Export Module System osCommerce

Proof of concept import/export framework. Based on the Easy Populate contribution. Principal changes:
1. Move configuration into database and make more use of existing configuration values.
2. Separate export file layouts from the HTML and each other to allow for drop in installs like payment and shipping modules.
Import file layouts are not done yet. However, imports can still be done in the normal Easy Populate fashion.
Forum help thread at http://forums.oscommerce.com/index.php?showtopic=96924



Excel Import 1.51 osCommerce osCommerce
This module will let you upload products from an excel file. It becomes part of admin.
So this is what you could add before:
category code
Product name 1
Product Description 1
Product name 2
Product Description 2
Date available
Tax Class
Number of units



Product Info Export File osCommerce osCommerce

The Product Export File generates and export info of products in the Excel, Word, HTML, CSV and XML format
for all installed languages of your osCommerce online shop. It displays the
products with pictures, their full descriptions and prices in a Excel, Word, HTML, CSV and XML format .



XML Export osCommerce

With this module you can export your products (max 5 categories) in XML format.
You can remotely download or write a file in server.
XML export schema includes all information about the products. You can simply remove the line or put // comment for unnecessary data tags.
Put xml_export.php in catalog folder, and create /dataexport folder under catalog and give +rw rights





Peachtree Export CSV osCommerce

I have started the export for Peachtree Accounting. But I need some help on this.

My export will map to this in Peachtree Sales Journal Import
Customer ID Sales Order # Date Ship to Name Ship to Address-Line One Ship to City Ship to State Ship to Zipcode Ship to Country Accounts Receivable Account Sales Tax Code Number of Distributions So Distribution Quantity Item ID Description G/L Account Unit Price Tax Type Amount Sales Tax Authority

**Need to Do**
Still need to work out how to dynamically assign G/L Sales Account for each item. Will probably have to add a row into products for it.
Write to *.csv file in admin directory.
Change date format from yyyy-dd-mm hh:mm:ss to mm/dd/yyyy

Update: Batch Export Joe McFrederick 27 Feb 2005  

Same as release below, but added batch exporting.
All files with status of "Pending" will be exported to a single .csv file. Added button to admin->orders that when clicked will execute the export. Still included is the single order export which will export regardless of status.
Tested Peachtree Complete Accounting 2003 & 2005



Vitalprix XML Export osCommerce

This contribution export your catalog for Vitalprix website. Vitalprix is a price comparator like Kelkoo for health products and natural products.
This work is based on OSC XML contribution.
Just put the file xml_vitalprix.php on the root directory of your catalog.

Cette contribution exporte votre catalogue pour le site Vitalprix.
Vitalprix est un comparateur de prix similaire à Kelkoo mais spécialisé dans la santé et les produits naturels.
Ce travail est basé sur la contribution OSC XML.
Il suffit de placer le fichier xml_vitalprix.php à la racine de votre catalogue.


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