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Articles: Development
Create a Simple, Effective PHP Form for Your Web Site
admin on December 03 2006 12:24:43
Syndicate Your Headlines Using RSS
admin on December 03 2006 12:26:39
How to Update Your Web Site Using Server Side Includes (SSI)
admin on December 03 2006 12:27:57
CSS – Site Design Basics Part One
admin on December 03 2006 12:35:55
Password Protection with PHP, MySQL, and Session Variables
admin on December 03 2006 12:36:55
Do-It-Yourself Web Design
admin on December 03 2006 12:37:55
Building Your Own AJAX Sources for Web Applications

admin on January 10 2007 13:41:58
Basic XMLHttpRequest
admin on January 10 2007 13:59:25
Hide email address from spammer harvesters
admin on April 27 2007 21:16:57
Layer Over Flash
admin on May 12 2007 13:50:08
Spacial Ascii codes HTML formated symbols list
In order to display some special characters and symbols in your HTML pages, you must use a special ASCII code.
admin on May 16 2007 16:04:21
XML Is About To Rock Your World
Envision a world in which you buy a new home appliance and it introduces itself to all of your other appliances and they figure out how to work together. Went you start your movie player it orders the lights to dim, the microwave to pop the popcorn and the telephone to hold all your calls until the movie is over.
admin on September 22 2007 21:55:35
Know XML
XML--- extensible markup Language --- is an exciting development in web technology. It is the youngest and most comprehensive of markup Language. (Markup refers to any thing on a document that adds special meaning to a particular text; for example, bold text is a form of markup). This language got the name Extensible Markup Language from the characteristic that is not restricted to fixed set of tags, as is HTML (Hypertext Markup Language). An XML user creates his own tags according to need. A tag is a sequence of characters in a markup language used to provide information, such as formatting specifications, about a document.
admin on September 22 2007 21:57:37
Overview of XML Encryption
XML encryption classifies a course of action for encrypting plain text data, generating ciphertext, and decrypting the ciphertext to retrieve the plaintext data.
admin on September 22 2007 21:58:51
XML Promises and challenges
HTML does not reveal anything about the information to which HTML tags are applied.
HTML tag names don't describe what content is, they only imply how content appears.
For example the html tag "Microsoft" appears on a web browser but HTML can not
tell is it a computer corporation? A Software? A Brand name?
admin on September 22 2007 21:59:58
Web Development Services - the New Buzzword of the BPO Industry
The article discusses in detail about what is BPO, its methods and techniques. It highlights the importance of BPO outsourcing and informs you about the reasons for adopting web development services for any further business ventures.
Diana on November 01 2007 23:12:05
Javascript BrowserOS detection sources
These are our basic Javascript browser detection scripts.
admin on December 04 2007 15:09:16
HTTP Status codes - Hypertext Transfer Protocol
admin on December 05 2007 12:10:55
Gallery 2 Module Development
Article about development of plugins and modules for Gallery 2.
admin on December 10 2007 15:47:28
Gallery 2 Module Development: Database part 1
admin on December 10 2007 15:48:30
PHP script for resizing images the smart way
This si great tool for image resizing and thumbnail creation.
admin on April 24 2008 16:18:45
OsCommerce Contributions for automatic Import/Export products
Excel Import 1.51
Product Info Export File
XML Export
Peachtree Export CSV
Vitalprix XML Export
admin on May 16 2008 16:28:13
City Tax Rates for OsCommerce
City Tax Rates for OsCommerce FIX
admin on July 11 2008 08:43:58
1054 - Unknown column 'pd.products_price' in 'field list' OsCommerce
1054 - Unknown column 'pd.products_price' in 'field list'
admin on July 21 2008 14:36:07
Cybersource orderPage_timestamp invalid
Cybersource why orderPage_timestamp is invalid?
admin on July 21 2008 15:00:22
Fatal error: Cannot use string offset as an array PHP5 PHP4
OsCommerce - Fatal error: Cannot use string offset as an array in /catalog/admin/includes/classes/table_block.php
admin on August 19 2008 15:04:30
Function that removes all the globals added by register_globals
To expand on the nice bit of code Mike Willbanks wrote and Alexander tidied up, I turned the whole thing in a function that removes all the globals added by register_globals.
admin on August 20 2008 08:36:05
Function to emulate the register_globals setting in PHP
admin on August 20 2008 08:37:43
OsCommerce paging problems with administrting products attributes
admin on November 25 2008 10:19:07
How to secure your OsCommerce store?
admin on December 17 2008 14:50:14
Automatically resize iframe height depending on content and cross domain solution autofiting of iframe
Does your iFrame step through multiple pages of varying heights? Or, does the height of the remote page change frequently? Do you find that the height of your iFrame is sometimes too short, cutting off the bottom of the remote page? Is your iFrame sometimes too tall, pushing down your content far beneath the embedded page?
Then this technique is for you.
admin on May 15 2009 14:47:38
Iframe dynamic resizing - resize to the height of the content
admin on June 12 2009 10:58:09
Bitwise Javascript Operators
admin on December 28 2009 14:12:15
Javascript and PHP Secure Hash Algorithm, SHA-1
admin on December 28 2009 17:50:37
Form data encoding Browsers roundup
admin on January 13 2010 09:53:53
Tips for an Effective Performance Review
performance appraisal,
performance review,
performance evaluation,
employee performance,
employee evaluation,
performance reviews,
performance appraisal software,
employee review,
performance appraisals,
performance management system
cnetinfosystem on May 24 2010 11:44:37
PHP Pear caching
PEAR offers two different packages for caching: Cache and Cache_Lite. As suggested by the name, Cache_Lite has a lighter design than Cache, and is designed to be faster at the expense of some flexibility and functionality.
admin on June 29 2010 21:19:48
PHP obfuscation usefull? Myth or reality
admin on September 08 2010 16:39:52
Improvement and speed up tips for JQuery
speed up tips for JQuery
admin on September 15 2010 05:59:51
Why _gat object is undefined in "New Google Analytics code"
admin on February 16 2011 15:47:32
How to save OST file into outlook format?
Problems in saved OST files are observed because of some issues affecting those Exchange files. Saved files turn out to be inaccessible in case of any damage. SysTools OST Recovery Software can save OST file into Outlook format with no difficulty.
michalyardi on August 16 2011 01:28:00
jQuery Accordion - multilpe sections open?
admin on January 27 2012 13:22:41
6 Important Steps of Web Development

By following the steps above you sure will get an idea as to how you can start with a web development application and work it till the end. Furthermore the key is to hire the correct web development service that can understand the need of your project and work with you.
invorticles on March 31 2012 04:01:44
HTTP 2.0 protocol - conceptions and ideas
admin on May 04 2012 15:11:01
Events in jQuery Mobile pages are multi executed
Events in jQuery Mobile pages are executed again and again on each page visit.
admin on January 07 2013 08:43:23
Memcache and PHP on IIS - HowTo
How to install memcache for windows IIS.
admin on July 15 2013 14:41:01
CodeIgniter undefined $db
CodeIgniter undefined $db Model
zdrsoft on November 02 2013 22:14:44
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